Sell Your Business

Question: What's In it For Me?

Selling your business is an important financial decision -

Selling a business is challenging because of the many important tasks to accomplish.

Those include valuation, financing, negotiation, due diligence, contracts, taxes, involving attorneys, accountants, bankers, partners, spouses, vendors, customers, employees and more.

To sell your business at the optimum price, its important to get guidance on market price, deal structure, financing options, and to keep the transaction moving forward even during challenging situations.  And you'll need to keep running your business at the same time.

Professional business sale services include:

  • business valuation to determine the potential market price
  • Prepare confidential offering package
  • Develop comprehensive marketing plan
  • Confidential advertising through our global networks
  • Negotiate the purchase offer and deal structure
  • Due diligence guidance with your CPA and attorney
  • Assist buyer to acquire financing to help close the deal
  • Close the sale and assure completion of necessary paperwork for the business transfer.

While you may know that you want to exit your business, its often difficult to put your plans into action.  I can help.  As a professional business broker, I know how to guide you through this challenging and life-changing transition.  Trust is the key to success in virtually every situation and especially during business ownership change.

Business Valuation

Aristotle quote: "The whole is more than the sum of its parts."

"What's my business worth?".  That's usually the first question I hear from a business owner. 


There is a difference between getting a business valuation for estate planning purposes and one for selling your business.  

As a credentialed business appraiser and experienced business intermediary/business broker, I understand the nuances of business valuation.  And I can help you navigate the valuation negotiation during the buy/sell process.  

As a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), and Business Certified Appraiser (BCA), I am qualified to prepare business valuations for Small Business Administration (SBA) loan purposes, buy/sell transactions, exit planning,  mergers and acquisitions, ownership transition, and other valuation needs.

Prices are based on individual situations and circumstances.

Minimum information required for a business valuation is:

  • last 3 to 5 years business tax returns with all schedules
  • last 3 to 5 years business financial statements
  • current interim business financial statement
  • copy of buy/sell agreement (if available)
  •  Identify any one‐time (non‐recurring), discretionary, and/or personal expenses and/or personal benefits (i.e. perquisites “perks”) for each year for which financial information is provided 
  • for a complete list of information needed click here

Contact me today for a confidential discussion about the steps to determine the value of your business.  You can reach me at s.spangler@murphybusiness. com or 208-343-7007.

Exit Planning

Question: What's Your Game Plan?

Would you like to sell your business and receive the highest price possible?   

Of course you would. But is your business ready to sell?  And are you prepared for it to sell?

Currently, 80% of businesses listed for sale never sell.  Why?  A large percentage are over-priced because the owner did not obtain a professional third party valuation. Many owners try to sell the business on their own, without a business broker. But the biggest reason that the majority of businesses don’t sell is because the owner had no strategic exit plan before taking the company to market.

With over 5,000,000 Baby Boomer business owners between the ages of 52 and 70 planning to sell their businesses and retire, it’s important to make sure your company is sell-able to the right buyer.   The right buyer may include a family member, key employee or a third party.  But if you haven’t determined who the best buyer is, you won’t maximize the value and you may not sell your business at all.

Don’t be one of those who just hope to sell someday.  Hope is not a strategy. It’s just wishful thinking. With an exit plan, you can maximize your sales price and keep more of it, while you create options for your next adventure. Wouldn’t you prefer that your business be one of the 20% that do sell?

Exiting your business doesn’t have to mean retirement.  Doing it right gives you the freedom to follow your dreams…, write a book, start a band, or run a non-profit.  Whatever it is you want after you sell your business, you can get there from here.  Let’s get started.  Contact me today.

Buy Your Business

Comment: If you want something you've never had, you've got to do something you've never done.

There are many variables when purchasing a business -

As a prospective business buyer, you’ll have many questions, such as:

  • Is the business priced correctly?
  • Is the cash flow sufficient to support the price?
  • How much salary can the business pay?
  • How does financing work?
  • What does the bank want?
  • Will a business plan and projections be required?
  • What does due diligence mean?
  • Who leads the negotiation?
  • What questions should I ask?
  • How can a business broker assist me?

Buyer services include:

  • Buyer representation, due diligence support
  • Business valuation 
  • Deal structure, purchase and sale negotiation 
  • Arrange financing with commercial lending/ SBA sources
  • Close the sale and assure completion of business transfer

Buying a  business is an important financial decision.  When I sell a business opportunity, i make sure that your questions are answered. As a 20-plus year former SBA/commercial lending Vice President, it is my personal mission to assist buyers in accessing optimal available financing.

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Sell, Buy, Finance Your Business

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Need a Business Valuation?

The first step in selling your business, or planning your sale, is to find out how much your business is worth to a likely buyer.  

As a credentialed business appraiser, and business intermediary/business broker, I provide the real world perspective and financial calculations to demonstrate your company's value. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about selling, buying, and valuing a business and  the services of a business broker.