Sell Your Business

Selling your business is an important financial decision……
Diagram of Sale of Business

Get important guidance on market price, deal structure, financing options, and keep the transaction moving forward even during challenging situations.

Professional business transfer services include:

  • business valuation to determine the potential market price
  • Prepare confidential offering package
  • Develop comprehensive marketing plan
  • Confidential advertising through our global networks
  • Negotiate the purchase offer and deal structure
  • Due diligence guidance with your CPA and attorney
  • Assist buyer to acquire financing to help close the deal
  • Close the sale and assure completion of necessary paperwork for the business transfer.

Selling a business is challenging because of the many important tasks to accomplish.  Those include valuation, financing, negotiation, due diligence, contracts, taxes, attorneys, accountants, bankers, partners, spouses, vendors, customers, employees and more.

While you logically accept your reasons for change, sometimes its difficult to put your plans into action.  The professional business broker knows how to guide you through this situation and help build trust between you and the buyer.   Trust is the key to success in virtually every situation but especially during business ownership transfer.

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