Client Testimonial #9

“If it wasn’t for Sheila this deal would not have happened . . .”

Sheila was able to find us a business that really fit us.  She really dove into the business, reviewed the financial information and analyzed the numbers.  She really broke it down so it was really easy for the layman to understand if it was a good business or not.

Sheila worked, and worked, and worked to make sure that the deal didn’t die. There were a few times we thought:  “Well this is just not going to happen.”  And Sheila worked with the seller’s brokers to make sure that it did happen.  Sheila’s expertise really superseded theirs.

I recommend Sheila for anyone that wants to purchase a business.  She’ll work with the bank for you.  She will find the right lender for you.  She will make sure that all of the business licenses are put into place.  She will follow up with every minute detail to the final closing.  And she will be there with you.  Sheila was with us from the start to the finish.  It was like having one of your best friends work with you.

You can rely on Sheila.  If she says she’s going to call you back, she calls you back.  If there’s something that happens, Sheila is right there.  She is by far the best business person I’ve ever met actually.

I have come to realize exactly how experienced Sheila is, and how much she had to do that normally she wouldn’t have in a normal transaction.  But she did it for us to make things to run smoothly and to help us in the transition. I believe Sheila was totally responsible for making our business purchase happen. She was able to get the lender to give us the better loan than we ever thought we would receive.  She was able to get us a better interest rate and the right amount that we needed to run the business.

She kept us positive and motivated.   She found a way to get it done.  And the more we got to know her, the more we realized she is worth her weight in gold.  We looked at each other and said, “If it wasn’t for Sheila this deal would not have happened.”   We feel like she’s one of the family, and we plan to know her for a very long time.  And anything we can do to help her in her business we will.

We’re just very excited and very happy with how everything turned out.  It was definitely much easier in a lot of ways then what we thought it was with Sheila’s help.  I don’t think we could have ever done the transition as smoothly without her.”

Rick and Jennifer Fraser
Owners – The Stagecoach Inn, Garden City, Idaho