Client Testimonial #8

“Because of her experience in preparing us for that ‘unknown but expected’ situation we were mentally prepared to deal with it”

My wife and I wanted to expand our entrepreneurial nature and decided to buy a business.  I have known Sheila for a number of years and I trust her.  And because of that trust she was the logical person to help us on our journey.

Sheila has the business and banking background over many years.  And I felt very comfortable with her expertise to not only help us find a business to buy but to guide us through that process successfully.

She told us up front that in every transaction there is one major hurdle that must be overcome.  And because of her experience in preparing us for that ‘unknown but expected’ situation we were mentally prepared to deal with it.  And ultimately we successfully purchased the business.

Sheila is very forthright and levelheaded.  She kept the task in sight and her eye on the ball and kept pushing through until we came to resolution on the various challenges we encountered.

She did a really nice job of mediating the relationship between us and the seller and the seller’s broker.  She continued to explore ways to make things work for both sides.  She put it together and kept it together even when it looked like hope was lost.

Her grass roots, down-to-earth approach works well in resolving issues and being able to separate the real business decisions from the emotions.  She also helped the seller understand our motivations and our limitations.  She is persistent and firm when she needed to be.  Yet she also stepped back and let others vent when that was appropriate. She came up with a multiple array of solutions for a particular problem and kept the dialogue open in order to reach a successful resolution for both sides.

She has also provided us with a good foundation to launch our business. She worked with us to develop a very detailed marketing implementation plan for our business.  We weren’t aware of the scope of issues that Sheila pointed out for us. We now look at marketing and building our business in a whole new way.

We realized that we had to learn some new concepts and in some cases dispel false concepts about why customers choose to do business with your company. I highly recommended Sheila to other business owners that are ready to buy a business or want to build its value.”

Jeff and Patricia Agenbroad, owners Fast Lane In-Door Kart Racing