Client Testimonial #7

“We won’t make a move in buying, selling or financing our business without talking to her. . .

We were moving to Idaho and changing our lives.  We were referred to Sheila and after meeting with her, we felt comfortable that she knew how to help us.

She acted as our representative and helped bring up points that we needed to address.  I don’t know if we would have gotten the SBA loan if not for Sheila.  Other people we know have been turned down when attempting to get this type of financing.

She did a lot of legwork that probably would have cost us more money if not for her effort.  She gave us confidence that the business “penciled out” for financing and cash flow.  She reviewed growth, capitalization, funding, management, salaries, etc.  She basically did a prospectus for us.

She did a majority of due diligence that I don’t think we would have gotten otherwise.  Because of her background, she is aware of certain issues. She inspected tax returns, financial documents and bank statements.  She negotiated with the lender, the broker, seller and the SBA in order to get what we wanted.  She got things done that the other broker said couldn’t be done.

She put together a financing plan that has had more benefit to us than just getting a loan.  This plan was very helpful later in other business dealings because of the quality of the work she did.
She still consults with us on various business issues. We can bounce ideas off of her and get her perspective.

We consider her part of the family.  We won’t make a move in buying, selling or financing our business without talking to her.  She has helped us focus on how to grow our business to build the best value. She goes far beyond the traditional business broker. She is a person that pulls no punches.  She tells you what you need to know.  She can represent both sides of a transaction and I would be comfortable with that. We trust her a lot.”

John and Linda Allsbury, owners – Pro Power Clean