Client Testimonial #5

“We built a great business and were able to sell it for the price we wanted when we wanted. . . .”

“We had some very profitable years and wanted to see what our business would be worth.  It looked to us to be the perfect time to sell. We felt it necessary to hire a broker and Becky had known Sheila for years and had developed a good relationship.

She has the banking background and the knowledge and ability to explain the financial statements to buyers, CPA’s and lenders.  She was able to validate the asking price of our business. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without her help.

She was a great asset in all of the areas in marketing and selling our business in a confidential manner.  She has a way to find buyers from all over the country.  She pointed out things that we needed to straighten up or get our hands around.

She told us upfront that we would have to do certain things later on, suggested that we get it done now.  It made the transaction go a lot smoother.  The buyer was surprised that we had things ready for him when he asked.  Much like a lawyer, she stated our case. I was pleased that she was there for us.

She was there by our side to help us make critical points should the buyer ask a question or have a doubt.  She was always there to speak on our behalf and I thought that was above and beyond.  I remember how happy I felt that she had the answers and the paperwork to back things up.
She was prepared and very well organized. We may have backed down on some requests if Sheila hadn’t been there to advise us.  She is very personable, friendly, person.  She has a good sense of humor and works right along side you and gives you a feeling of confidence.

Since selling our business, we have been able to travel and take a sabbatical.  That’s been nice after all these years of working.  It’s been good for our family.  This was a summer we’ll never forget.  We were happy that we built a great business and were able to sell it for the price we wanted when we wanted.”

Mark and Becky Haines, former owners of AlphaGraphics