Client Testimonial #4

“Sheila knows what she is doing and is completely professional”

I was an owner of a green industry business that focused on residential landscaping and gardening.  I started the business 12 years ago.  I was ready to move to a new stage of my life.  My partners and I originally hired Sheila to sell the company as a whole but through negotiations it became a better idea to have my partners buy out my shares.

We needed someone to help us through it.  It is a good idea to have an intermediary…..someone who is objective to help you sell your business.  During our initial consultation with Sheila, she was savvy as to what to do.  I had done a lot of research on selling a business and I knew after talking with her that she knew what to do.  And we had also received several recommendations to hire her.

As the transaction progressed, Sheila convinced each side to discuss with attorneys and accountants the best and worst way to structure the deal for tax and legal issues. She pointed out questions to ask of legal and tax advisors and get answers that make sense for our individual situations.  And because of this, I saved money on taxes. Each situation is unique.

I felt good about the whole process.  She did her homework.  She did a good job playing “social worker” and “business consultant”.  She kept a positive attitude the whole time even when one side questioned things.  She stayed professional.   She did a good job taking care of both sides.
I really love her sense of humor and professionalism.   She used her sense of humor to keep things light. That kept both sides happy.  And, she understands the numbers.

Now that I’ve sold my shares, it’s been great to have freedom to take some time off and re-evaluate what I want to do.  Sheila knows what she is doing and is completely professional.  She is good to work with.  I plan to use her again to purchase my next business.”

Randy Lancaster – former owner of Terra Vita Landscape & Gardening, Inc.