Client Testimonial #10

“We could have never done this on our own. . .”

“We started our business in 1976 and wanted to retire.  We were referred to Sheila Spangler by a business associate. Initially, we thought we would sell the business ourselves and just wanted Sheila to prepare a business valuation. As it turned out, however, we decided to hire her to do the valuation and represent us in the sale.

We instantly connected with her.  She is personable and honest.  She is the type of person we wanted to work with. We wanted a “go-between” in order to preserve our relationship with the buyers. The buyers were long-time employees of our company.

We could have never done this on our own.  There is so much to do when selling your business….negotiating a buy-sell agreement, arranging buyer financing, negotiating and structuring the building lease, and closing the sale!

She was there as a mediator and answered all the buyers questions.  This made it easier for us. She was always available to answer questions in person or the phone.  We didn’t have to worry about anything.  She took the ball and ran with it.  She stayed on top of things and made sure that the sale happened in the time frame that we wanted.

If we had to deal directly with the buyers, it would have been much more difficult emotionally.  We could share our thoughts and she helped us see things clearly.  I am still working in the business because of the smooth transition.  That wouldn’t have happened without her paving the way and keeping friendships in tact.

I would highly recommend when selling your business that you don’t go it alone. Sheila represents everything you could want in someone you are doing business with. We were able to “walk away” and feel confident.”

Jim & Donna Bledsoe, former owners, Jim’s Heating & Cooling Company