Client Testimonial #3

“We were extremely pleased to be able to “walk away” with a large sum of money for our retirement….

My husband and I were ready to go on to a different stage in our life. We wanted to sell our business.  We interviewed 3 different business brokers before selecting Sheila.  I could tell right at the beginning that Sheila could and would understand me. I just felt so comfortable asking Sheila questions.  She would direct her questions to me as well as my husband.  She wanted my input and my questions.  That truly endeared her to me.

Sheila understood that I was not going to just sell my business to anyone…someone who may not care like I did. There were many challenges with the buyer — their personalities and the banker they were working with.

Sheila had actually advised them to go to a different bank and that would have sped things up but the buyer’s were stubborn.  Ultimately, Sheila’s patience, tactfulness and professionalism with these inexperienced buyers and “green banker” saved the day.
Sheila’s compassion, her understanding for the buyer and the seller and the emotional ups and downs that everyone is going through made a very big difference in keeping things together even when things looked really dim for a little while.

We successfully sold our business and received all cash.  We were extremely pleased to be able to “walk away” with a large sum of money for our retirement.  I highly recommend Sheila to any business owner that wants advice and guidance on selling his or her business.”
Julie & Jerry Heinrichs, former owners, Today’s Child preschool