CEO Peer Board

Trust, caring, challenge, growth…. 

As a peer board chair,  I guide CEOs and business owners to overcome business and life challenges so you can have more of what you want — time, money, freedom, and happiness. Together we examine and overcome critical issues through informed decision-making, and accountability.

As a better and more self-aware leader, you inspire your employees to create a high performing organization that achieves better results with reduced stress. And most importantly, you create positive change for yourself, your employees, and your community.

As a Board Chair for Vistage, I facilitate a CEO peer advisory board which meets monthly to solve problems, evaluate opportunities, and solve strategic and operational challenges.  My role is to make sure that each member applies their experience and wisdom by  getting their questions answered while conversely getting their answers questioned.

In short, members sometimes experience some discomfort to gain greater insight.  They step up to challenge others and accept being challenged by others, and they get and give straight, honest feedback in a “care-frontational” way.

I am committed to the success of each member.  I do this because I believe that business leaders who own and run companies impact our lives, our communities, and our world.   Sometimes even the simplest decisions have profound outcomes for everyone.

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If you are ready to achieve your best results, let’s talk about how participating in a CEO peer board may work for you.  Membership is selective, confidential, and life-changing.

Contact me at: or 208-761-6255.